Monday, September 10, 2012

Let them eat cake

Recently it's been made apparent to me that I'm overweight and that I'm not allowed to eat dessert anymore. In fact, everyone in my age group is just a fat lazy sack and it's absolutely necessary that we are denied little pieces of cake and tiny cups of cookie dough or pudding.

I know that obesity runs rampant in our country, and we are the worst offenders of over-eating. I blame Texas. But school desserts are cherished, at least at my school, and it has caused an upset in our cafeteria that they have been removed.

What I would like to know is how taking away the only good part of our school lunch by eliminating sugary desserts from the menu is going to do much good. They other day I had a hot dog, pretzels, apple juice and a granola bar for lunch. All of these things are still available for me to buy at school. Definitely a high carb, high sodium lunch, yet still lacking a tiny cup of jello, therefore it's better for me? I don't buy it.

Teenagers can still find ways to be pigs. We'll go down the street and scarf frostys from Wendy's. We'll bring food from home. Heck, we've got two other meals of the day that they can't even touch. You better believe I'm going to be eating cake for breakfast and dinner at my house.

Fat kids will still be fat, skinny kids will still be skinny. Has it been made clear that bringing back the desserts would make both of these kids happier?

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