Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Venus flytrap can eat a whole cheeseburger

Snapple caps. Fact, or fiction?

I've done a little research on the self proclaimed "best stuff on earth's" well known gimmick. Unfortunately, I'm at a loss for what I should believe.

 On the infamous "Real Fact" #0, Snapple threw us all for a loop with this aggravating statement:
"Half of all Snapple "Real Facts" are actually fake."

As an avid collector of these caps, and a fond drinker of their sweet tea, I believe I have the right to be upset with Snapple Inc.

How are we to distinguish which facts are real and which are fake? I've been quoting these facts for over three years. I hope that I'm not alone in saying that I've treated these caps as reliable sources of information. But before I swear off Snapple facts for good, I've taken a closer look at the caps' credibility. 

What I found is a list of Snapple facts that have been proven false, or outdated. See link below:

Some examples include the misconceived notion that people, on average, consume 8 spiders per night. "This statistic was made up in 1993 as an example of the absurd things people will believe simply because they come across them on the internet."
Another would be that no piece of paper can be folded in half more than 7 times. This was also proven untrue, by those sneaky MythBusters with their clever science. 

While this list IS lengthy, it isn't half of the currently estimated 928 Snapple facts in circulation. Therefore disproving fact #0.

Can this get any more confusing? To believe or not to believe?

What I know to be true is that Snapple tea tastes frickin amazing, and that collecting the caps has brought me joy. My friends, and sometimes even little-known acquaintances, will drink a Snapple and save the cap, knowing that I will most likely want it.

A group of cats is called a 'clowder'.
Did you know that? Well now you do.

Another proven fact is that Snapple makes you smarter. How could it not? You crack open some raspberry tea and you find out what a clowder is. Fancy that.

My point is, just because Snapple let me down, I'm not going to stop drinking its sweet deliciousness. Everybody makes mistakes. (everybody has those days, Hannah Montana shout out anybody?) I definitely will still quote their facts like they were written by highly regarded scientists. And a twit is the technical term for a pregnant goldfish.


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